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About Us

HACO | Harvey Alpert & Co. was founded in 1977 as a sales and marketing company specializing in bridging the gap between the unique requirements of airline food and beverage programs and the manufacturers who can supply those products.

Our professional staff is 100% focused on the airline channel and prides itself on its ability to seamlessly match an airline’s needs with the quality products available from our portfolio of major food, beverage and supply item manufacturers.

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Harvey Alpert | Founder

HACO Services for the Airline and Catering Community

  • Extensive knowledge of our manufacturers’ capabilities, enabling us to develop tailor-made solutions for our airline and catering customers
  • Ease of doing business in a complex marketplace, working closely with the airline’s food and beverage team to plan and execute solutions
  • Continuity in the marketplace, ensuring long-term stability for food and beverage programs
  • Expertise in supply chain management, getting the right product to the right place in the most cost effective manner
  • Commodity planning and purchase programs for extended price stability
  • Proactive forecasting and planning directly with the supply chain for smooth cycle and product rotation
  • Daily customer service and supply chain problem resolution

HACO Services for the Manufacturer

  • Selective portfolio for quality and staying power in the airline segment
  • Account executive assigned to focus on the manufacturer’s strengths and capabilities and to provide continuity within the airline channel
  • Frequent interaction with airlines, fostering dynamic manufacturer and product exposure to key decision makers
  • Proactive sales efforts and negotiations with an emphasis on longer term placements
  • Ease of doing business in a complex marketplace through creative solutions and continuous translation of the needs and expectations of airline and catering customers
  • Logistics focus to minimize costs in the supply chain, eliminate redundant handling, reduce truck miles, and optimize shipping
  • Coordination of commodity and custom ingredient purchasing for extended cost stability
  • Price administration, management, and communication both internally with various manufacturer departments and externally with the airline and its nominated supply chain
  • Planning, forecasting, and cycle rotation management for high order fulfillment rates with minimum inventory
  • Daily customer service, daily sales order processing and supply chain problem resolution

We bridge the gap.

Quality. Longevity. Stability. Reliability. Loyalty.