Cheese, Dips & Spreads

TRU FLAVORS® Hummus and Dippers® provide the perfect on-the-go, plant-based protein in convenient, single-serve cups. And, they contain no artificial additives or preservatives — just the best ingredients. With a 365-day shelf life and no refrigeration needed, Truitt Family Foods® makes delivering nutritious snacks easy.


Delivering on the dynamic needs of the foodservice industry requires a creative blend of vision and flexibility. Dairyfood USA’s unique shelf-stable cheese offerings can fit a variety of packaging configurations.

Available in cheese bars, wedges and cups.

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There’s a PHILLY cream cheese flavor for every function. Need fat-free pre-portioned packages? How about a bulk-sized Neufchatel cream cheese for high-volume applications? PHILADELPHIA has all that and more, including all the flavors and package sizes your business demands.
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